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Everyone Can Decorate

At Ceramic and Me, it is all about you. We believe everyone can decorate and create their own unique ceramic piece. It is also a place to de-stress and to spend quality time with family and friends. 


In the beginning of each 2-hours session, we hold a short introduction, walking you through the process. You then select a ceramic object of your liking and start decorating. Our staff are here for help and support when needed. When you are ready with the ceramic, we glaze and fire it at the studio and you can pick up the food-safe ceramic after 3 working days. Time to show off the masterpiece to family and friends! 


Everything you need to decorate ceramic is included without extra cost: colors, brushes, tools, even glazing and firing. 

If you would like to have more time in the studio to finish the piece, just grab a  seat by the window and take the time you need. 


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