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Technique Workshops 

Painting and decorating ceramic is fun. There are other ways to decorate as well! Try out other techniques and join our instructor-led workshops!

Reserve a Seat


We offer the following techniques in instructor-led workshops. 

  • Crystall glazes

  • Bubble & Silkscreen

  • Sgrafitto (scratching)

We are constantly trying out new techniques to expand our offerings. Follow our Instagram for the latest update on techniques and dates!


Upcoming Workshops

We offer 2 workshops every month with different techniques. There is no extra fee to participate most of the workshops. You just pay what you paint, as usual. 


It costs 100:- extra to participate crystal glaze workshops, on top of the ceramic that you paint.  In the workshop, you have access over 40 amazing crystal glazes. 

There are limited seats available. Make your reservation in good time! 


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