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When you finish painting the ceramic, please put the item(s) on the trolley next to the counter, on the same number as your table. 

Ceramics that are painted on:

  • Wednesday and Thursday, pick-up from Saturday at 16.00 (the same week). 

  • Friday and Saturday, pick-up from Wednesday at 16.00 (the next week). 

  • Sunday, pick-up from Thursday at 16.00 (the next week).


Ceramics are ready according to the schedule above. We do not send out additional text or e-mail. 

Please state the name or phone number that is in the reservation at pick-up. Receipts are not required.

We keep the ceramics for 6 weeks, thereafter subject to availability of shelf space. 

To minimize the impact on the environment and at the same time protect the ceramics, we wrap them in untreated and unbleached silk paper instead of bubble wraps. Ceramics are fragile in nature, please be careful during transport. And don't forget to recycle the silk paper! 

We prefer you  bring a bag with you for pick-up to further minimize the impact on the environment. If not possible, there are paper bags for purchase for 6:-/bag.

Care Advice

 It is not recommended to use the ceramic that you painted in microwave. 

It is best to hand them by hand. 

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